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My Journey

I've been an EnergyBodWorker since 2001. I am intuitive/ kind and fascinated with people's energy. I've been working lots with Stress/ Depression and Addiction...Mental Wellbeing.

I am currently studying for a Bachelor of Chinese Medicine, to graduate in 2025.

 Generally, I use Raynor Massage. This type of massage involves techniques from Sports Massage/ Shiatsu/ Acupressure/ Reflexology/ Ayurvedic and skills learned over the years. 
I have been fortunate enough to learn skills from John Ryan, who took me through Raynor massage and further mentored me with his brilliantly effective Sports/ Massage therapy releasing tension and dis-ease from the body. Creating an all-over balancing of the body and energy meridians.
This massage style is a pathway to the more Advanced Raynor massage.

Expanding beyond general Raynor Massage, the Advanced techniques target much deeper long-term tension in the body. This powerful Advanced Massage drives to unlock deep-seated emotional trauma and physical tension like never before.
Advanced Raynor Massage practitioners are trained to guide clients through this intense emotional release, giving an amazing and somewhat transformative experience through releasing tension and dis-ease.

Through all of my EnergyWork, I have been fortunate enough to be attuned to Karuna-Reiki Master-Teacher. Thanks to my AMAZING! Master Thereas'a Donovan. I use this Japanese form of 'non-invasive' chakra healing and re-balancing, to remove blocked energy and clear the Emotional Energy-Body, restoring your Spiritual Well-Being.

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My Journey

I write books, blogs and articles, plus I film weekly writing advice videos.

I have a Bachelor in Journalism (JCU), a Graduate Certificate in Editing and Publishing (USQ), a Masters of Professional Practice Creative Writing (USC), a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Creative and Critical Writing (USQ) and I am currently completing my Doctorate in Creative Writing (USQ).

My non-fiction pieces have appeared in the ABC local, The Townsville Bulletin, The North-West Star, The CuspThe Huffington PostQueensland Writers Centre,  The Creative PennThe Artifice, and Live Write Thrive. My fiction has been published in October Hill Magazine and TEXT journal.

My science fiction romp, When Bell Met Bowie, is available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. And my mystery novel, Every Time He Dies, is available everywhere online. 

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